Flow Matters delivers specialised software services to organisations in the water and environment sector.

The intersection of software technology with the water and environment domains is an exciting place to work. Our collective data assets are growing rapidly, and in many cases becoming readily accessible in standardised forms. Analytical techniques are advancing rapidly to keep pace with both improved data availability and easy access to large amounts of processing power. Relevant software technologies are evolving quickly. At the same time, the broader public is taking more of an interest in environmental information.

Getting the best outcomes from a software investment in this field requires mature development expertise spanning the established and emerging technologies, coupled with a deep understanding of and affinity with the problem domain.

Organisations have different needs, including established technologies and processes. The Flow Matters service offerings emphasise flexibility: flexibility of process and flexibility of technology.

  • The Name

    The name Flow Matters is inspired by three types of flow:

    • Flow of water: reflecting the roots of the company in serving the water sector,
    • The Flow of information: whether that be between systems or between people, and
    • The state of Flow: where goals, challenge and feedback help to achieve full immersion in an activity.

  • Recent Work

    Interesting projects are written up on the blog.


    Details of our service offerings are available here, or you can contact us.